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Tutoring: How many Jewish Teachers tutor?

I just came across a newly launched tutoring agency called J-Teach
What are other teachers experiences of tutoring? Do you tutor GCSE or ALevel students, 11+ or Common Entrance? Do you tutor students from the school where you teach, or friends of friends’ children? Please put your comments below, so we can start the discussion.

Antisemitism in Schools: A Teacher’s Perspective

So have I ever come across antisemitism in my work as a teacher?  This short blog post looks at two contrasting examples.

My first school (in my NQT Newly Qualified Teacher year) was an easy school in Orpington.  For those who have never ventured to that town where the M25 intersects the A21 in Kent, where Mrs Thatcher failed to win the Tory nomination, and where the Daily Mail outsells all other papers put together, it is a nice place to teach.  What some pupils may lack in ability, they make up for in effort.  It is an area full of aspirational parents with a solid approach to homework and discipline, so the teachers’ jobs are generally pretty easy.
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Resources for Holocaust Memorial Day and Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust

In May last year, Jewish teachers met to exchange and discuss ideas and resources for teaching pupils and staff about the Holocaust. The outcome was a range of suggestions for using novels, creative writing, music, drama, art, exhibitions and museums to enrich our understanding of the Holocaust. Please see the resource list attached to help you with your own ideas. We would like to make this an even more comprehensive guide to resources and welcome further suggestionsor references of material you might use this year that we can circulate. Just email us back and we’ll add your ideas to the list.