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Advice for teachers and schools on dealing with the current conflict in Gaza/Israel- Revised July 2014

We have published some updated guidance on dealing with the current conflict in Gaza and Israel. The guidance is also available as a pdf download here - Advice for teachers and schools on dealing with the current conflict in Gaza

We welcome any feedback or resources to improve this guidance.

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Guest post from @YachadUK

Today we have a guest post from Rebecca from Yachad:

I’m Becky, the youth and student outreach worker at Yachad, a pro-peace, pro-Israel organisation that aims to engage large numbers of British Jews through education and debate in support of a two state solution in Israel. I’m currently working on expanding our resources for primary and secondary school teachers. I want to ensure that the resources I create are relevant and useful, therefore I am looking for teachers to feed into the development process. This can involve as little or as much time as you have to spare, please email Rebecca@yachad.org.uk to express your interest or for more info.


Rebecca is the youth and student outreach worker at Yachad, she has a background in working with young people in alternative educational settings and an MA in Museum and Gallery Education. Her desire to work to support a peaceful outcome to the Israel Palestine conflict was solidified while living in Israel and volunteering with The Centre for Creativity in Education and Cultural Heritage.

To find out more about Yachad, click here to visit their website.

Guest Post from The Parents Circle Families Forum


Parents Circle Families Forum is a unique, grassroots organisation made up of more than 600 Israeli & Palestinian families who have all lost an immediate family member in the conflict. Members believe that if they, who have paid the highest price in the conflict, can work together, then surely others can too. The focus of the work is on getting both sides to sit together so that an emotional breakthrough can be made. Often these meetings are the first opportunity that Israelis & Palestinians have had to see each other as ordinary human beings who share the same hopes, the same dreams and the same pain.

Their long-term vision is to create a framework for a reconciliation process to be an integral part of any future peace agreement.

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An Opportunity for Education from Middle East Education London (MEEDU)

Do you ever feel that you have to be the educator on the issue of the Arab-Israeli Conflict but feel reluctant to do so, either because you feel you do not have adequate in-depth knowledge, or because you do not want to offend those who may have already have definite views? We at MEEDU try to address this problem by giving information on the views and attitudes of both sides. Most schools try to get a balanced view by inviting, separately, speakers from both sides, speakers who give their own conflicting views of historical and current events.  Our approach is totally different and is unique.

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