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Jewish Teachers’ Association at Limmud Conference

The bad news is that our Limmud publicity printing is stuck in the Christmas post.

The good news is that we’ve two sessions planned for Limmud Conference. Limmud is not only an amazing educational conference with something for everyone, it also tends to have lots of teachers attending.

We hope to meet lots of them at our sessions

Monday, 19:00 – 20:10
The Social Staffroom: Jewish Teachers (and Wannabe Teachers) Networking

Location: Rootes Bar

This will be the 4th annual Limmud teachers’ get together. This is the chance to meet, chat, network and share stories about how great the life of a teacher is, how we never take work home and how our pupils always do everything we tell them. We look forward to meeting old friends and new faces. Student teachers or those thinking about becoming teachers are also very welcome.

Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:10
I’m the Only Jew in the Staffroom

Location: Rootes Chancellors 1
Up and down the country, in every kind of school and educational setting, Jewish teachers are attempting to educate our nation’s young people. How does being a Jew affect your life as a teacher? What are the issues, benefits and responsibilities? Teachers and student teachers will be especially welcome as the presenters delve into the Limmud staffroom.