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Thanks for your interest in the Jewish Teachers’ Association, our network of over 200 Jewish educators and education workers.
To facilitate communication, we’ve created a JTA mailing list, to which all members can post.
To join the Jewish Teachers’ Association mailing list please follow this link:
  • Scroll down to the section ‘Subscribing to Connect’¬†
  • Enter your email address
  • Your name¬†
  • Choose a password

You can also choose whether or not you’d prefer individual emails or a daily digest of emails from the JTA connect list. Emails will come through as [JTA_Connect]

If you have any questions please email us.
Welcome to the JTA Connect mailing list! We look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks,
Alli, Flora and the JTA team
PS. If you haven’t already, please join our databse, so that we can get an accurate picture of how many Jewish Teachers are working in the UK.

One thought on “JTA Connect

  1. Rebecca Freedman

    I am on the senior leadership team of my school and we are reviewing our ‘management or absence policy’. It was proposed by the headteacher that we no longer pay staff for any religious holidays, we used to pay for up to 2 days. While staff will be able to take these days as unpaid leave, I am concerned about the message we are being given in terms of religious tolerance and understanding.

    I am sure this issue has come up before but I couldn’t find any previous/ archived posts on the website- please forward me any comments, reading materials or guidance you may have to help me formulate my argument, ready for the next SLT!

    Many Thanks R

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