Membership is free, but if you are able, we welcome a voluntary annual donation of £5, by bank transfer, into the JTA account.
JTA Bank Account Details are: The Jewish Teachers’ Association 
Sort Code 30 98 07
Account Number 02999501

2 thoughts on “Join

  1. Gerry Cohen

    I am ;looking forward to sharing views, opinions, lesson ideas and experiences with colleagues across the profession, whatever their practice within Judaism. I am Head of RE in a secular school, have been teaching RE for several decades. (Recipes also wouldn’t go amiss here!)

  2. Brigit Grant

    I am seeking opinions on how well Jewish children survive at secondary schools that are neither Jewish nor private following a Jewish primary education. Can anyone give information about personal experiences or thoughts attaining to this. I am keen to hear from teachers, head teachers and students who have had the experience.

    Many Thanks

    Brigit Grant

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