Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Jewish teachers need a group?
There are a lot of Jewish Teachers and until the JTA there was no other group to bring them together.
Please look at the about page for the aims of our organisation.

Isn’t there someone else already doing this?
There are other excellent groups involved in Jewish education, involving many Jewish teachers (see links page) but there is no current group open to all Jewish teachers and educators, wherever they teach and whatever subject they teach.

Who is in charge?

In its current form the Jewish Teachers Association grew from a session at Limmud Conference  in 2006, where about 10 people helped develop the idea and a further 30 people signed up. Today, we have a small committee moving the organisation forward, and over 200 members on our mailing list.

Are you planning on charging for membership?
Membership is free, but if you can, we do ask for a voluntary donation of £5 a year to help fund our modest running costs, website hosting, events, publicity and stalls at conferences.
We would welcome any donations or people who know people who would like to help us fund further work.  Get in touch with us here 

I teach Judaism/ The Arab-Israeli Conflict/ the Holocaust/ another other Jewish related topic – can you help?
You might want to head over to our profile on the TES resource bank, where we keep some of our resources on some of these topics. We are adding to these all the time, so if you have creates resources you’d be happy for us to share, then please email us 

If you would like to join, have a look at our aims page, and if you agree with them, then click here for the join us page and give us your details!

What kind of problems do Jewish Teachers have?
We have heard many shocking stories emphasising the need for our association. Teachers in general have enough problems at work, with workload, pensions, exams, changing curriculum priorities, depending on which government idea is currently in fashion….Jewish teachers can face a whole extra set of challenging, especially for those working in mainstream and community (non-Jewish) schools. Here are just some of them:

  • Should you tell colleagues or pupils that you are Jewish?
  • How do you ask for time off for Jewish holidays? 
  • What do you do about Shabbat in the Winter?
  • Should you be the one who organises Holocaust Memorial events?
  • Should you ever mention that country starting with an I?
  • Which teaching Union should you join without compromising your principles?

Are you affiliated to or funded by any organisations?
The Jewish Teachers’ Association is proud of be an independent organisation.

We maintain good relationships with many organisations in the Jewish and Teaching communities including:

I have another question not on here.

Pop over to the ‘contact’ page and send us a message. We’ll get back to you.

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