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Update your details and upcoming event

Dear Jewish Teacher,

Thanks for your interest in the JTA, our network of over 200 Jewish educators and education workers.

Update your details

The JTA is updating our database of over 200 Jewish Teachers and Educators. If you have recently changed jobs or contact details, please let us know so we can continue to keep you updated.

Upcoming event

We are really excited about our upcoming JTA Networking and Round Table Discussion- ‘The Challenges facing Jewish Teachers and Leaders’.

We’ll explore with a high calibre panel of exciting educators and thinkers the various opportunities and challenges facing Jewish Teachers and Leaders in the UK today. The round table will be led by the Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies, Laura Marks, and will also include Jenny Hoffman, who is a Senior Leadership Development Officer at Teach First.

This event takes place at Moishe House London, in Willesden Green.

Moishe House is an organisation dedicating to supporting the young, Jewish community.

The event will take place Sunday, June 8th, from 6 – 8pm

RSVP by clicking here.

Mailing List

To join the Jewish Teachers’ Association mailing list please follow this link:

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  • Enter your email address
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  • Choose a password

You can also choose whether or not you’d prefer individual emails or a daily digest of emails from the JTA connect list.

Facebook and Twitter

If you have a Facebook account please join our Facebook group UK Jewish Teachers, and like our Facebook page. You can also follow our twitter account @jewishteacher

Many thanks,

Deborah Harris

JTA Administrator


Tutoring: How many Jewish Teachers tutor?

I just came across a newly launched tutoring agency called J-Teach
What are other teachers experiences of tutoring? Do you tutor GCSE or ALevel students, 11+ or Common Entrance? Do you tutor students from the school where you teach, or friends of friends’ children? Please put your comments below, so we can start the discussion.

Antisemitism in Schools: A Teacher’s Perspective

So have I ever come across antisemitism in my work as a teacher?  This short blog post looks at two contrasting examples.

My first school (in my NQT Newly Qualified Teacher year) was an easy school in Orpington.  For those who have never ventured to that town where the M25 intersects the A21 in Kent, where Mrs Thatcher failed to win the Tory nomination, and where the Daily Mail outsells all other papers put together, it is a nice place to teach.  What some pupils may lack in ability, they make up for in effort.  It is an area full of aspirational parents with a solid approach to homework and discipline, so the teachers’ jobs are generally pretty easy.
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