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#InterfaithteachersCooking Sunday 15 November 2015 at JW3

JW3-social-Banner_2Are you a teacher interested in meeting teachers from other faiths?

If so, come along and participate in a practical social action project together. JW3Mitzvah Day Nisa-Nashim Jewish Women’s Network, together with faith-based teachers’ associations (Muslim Teachers’ Association and Jewish Teachers’ Association) are organising a brilliant interfaith, Social Action Cooking event on the afternoon of Sunday 15 November at the beautiful JW3, for Mitzvah Day, which we’d love for Jewish Teachers to be a part of. Further details are below. Numbers are limited so sign up now!

You will get the opportunity to cook food for the homeless with teachers from other faiths and the chance to get to know other like-minded teachers informally while working together to address a key social issue. It is also a great chance to share your thoughts and learn from the other participants about different attitudes to helping those less fortunate, and to form networks you can build on in the future. All food prepared will be donated to C4WS, a network of winter night shelters in churches across Camden.

landing_page_hero_4To book and for more information, contact Abigail at Mitzvah Day at or on 020 3747 9963

Click here for more info.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on 15 November!

Salaam, Shalom,

Flora, Lubna and Rukhsana

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Jewish Teachers’ Association Networking and Round Table Discussion Event

Come to our first annual JTA networking event and round table discussion.

With a high calibre panel of exciting educators and thinkers, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges facing leaders in education today.

The round table will be led by the Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies, Laura Marks, and will also include Jenny Hoffman, a Senior Leadership Development Officer at Teach First.

Laura Marks

Laura Marks

Jenny Hoffman

Jenny Hoffman

This event takes place at Moishe House London, in Willesden Green.

Moishe House is an organisation dedicating to supporting the young, Jewish community.

The event will take place Sunday, June 8th, from 6 – 8pm

RSVP using the form below

Update your details and upcoming event

Dear Jewish Teacher,

Thanks for your interest in the JTA, our network of over 200 Jewish educators and education workers.

Update your details

The JTA is updating our database of over 200 Jewish Teachers and Educators. If you have recently changed jobs or contact details, please let us know so we can continue to keep you updated.

Upcoming event

We are really excited about our upcoming JTA Networking and Round Table Discussion- ‘The Challenges facing Jewish Teachers and Leaders’.

We’ll explore with a high calibre panel of exciting educators and thinkers the various opportunities and challenges facing Jewish Teachers and Leaders in the UK today. The round table will be led by the Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies, Laura Marks, and will also include Jenny Hoffman, who is a Senior Leadership Development Officer at Teach First.

This event takes place at Moishe House London, in Willesden Green.

Moishe House is an organisation dedicating to supporting the young, Jewish community.

The event will take place Sunday, June 8th, from 6 – 8pm

RSVP by clicking here.

Mailing List

To join the Jewish Teachers’ Association mailing list please follow this link:

  • Scroll down to the section ‘Subscribing to Connect’
  • Enter your email address
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You can also choose whether or not you’d prefer individual emails or a daily digest of emails from the JTA connect list.

Facebook and Twitter

If you have a Facebook account please join our Facebook group UK Jewish Teachers, and like our Facebook page. You can also follow our twitter account @jewishteacher

Many thanks,

Deborah Harris

JTA Administrator


Tutoring: How many Jewish Teachers tutor?

I just came across a newly launched tutoring agency called J-Teach
What are other teachers experiences of tutoring? Do you tutor GCSE or ALevel students, 11+ or Common Entrance? Do you tutor students from the school where you teach, or friends of friends’ children? Please put your comments below, so we can start the discussion.

New JTA Chair and plans for next year!

Dear Jewish teacher,

I hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of term, and that despite having to write reports, you’re enjoying the rush towards the end of term…

I’m delighted to contact you following our AGM to announce that Allison Zionts, is the new Jewish Teachers’ Association chair. Alli is a Canadian teacher living in Brixton and working in Croydon. With Alli’s enthusiasm and skills in community organising, (Alli was until recently a resident in London’s Moishe House, a community home which runs a full range of non denominational events for the whole Jewish Community.) Continue reading

Notice of AGM 30 June 2013 Please RSVP

Dear Jewish Teacher,

A letter went out today to all those members who we have postal addresses for. It included this flyer and notice of our upcoming AGM. Recently moved? In a new post? Please help us keep in contact! Please update the work or contact address we have for you please do so here As you know, the JTA aims to represents all Jewish teachers and educators, wherever and whatever you teach.

Come to our AGM to hear about the work we’ve been doing:

  • with teaching unions
  • with other faith organisations
  • and help us decide our policy for the coming year.

Sunday 30 June, 2013 from 1-3pm in Finchley (RSVP for exact address)

RSVP by clicking
For more information please email Flora on

Join us on: facebook UK Jewish Teachers twitter @jewishteacher

Many thanks, Flora

Flora Richards, Outgoing JTA Chair

JTA at NUT Annual Conference Request & Opportunity

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Dear Jewish Teacher,

I hope you’re enjoying your half term break!

As you know, JTA has been working hard to build the profile of Jewish teachers within the teaching unions, particularly NUT.  This work has been reported in theJC  and the JPost. Samidha Garg, from the Education and Equalities Department has written to Jewish teachers to say that she supports and encourages the work we are doing which you can read here. Continue reading

An Opportunity for Education from Middle East Education London (MEEDU)

Do you ever feel that you have to be the educator on the issue of the Arab-Israeli Conflict but feel reluctant to do so, either because you feel you do not have adequate in-depth knowledge, or because you do not want to offend those who may have already have definite views? We at MEEDU try to address this problem by giving information on the views and attitudes of both sides. Most schools try to get a balanced view by inviting, separately, speakers from both sides, speakers who give their own conflicting views of historical and current events.  Our approach is totally different and is unique.

Continue reading

Write to NUT about their support for the PSC Mass Lobby of Parliament

Dear JTA member,

Tomorrow, Wednesday 28th November, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will be holding their annual lobby of Parliament. According to their website and the NUT’s Facebook site, the NUT is officially supporting the lobby day.

Naturally members of JTA, the Jewish community and the wider public, including members of the NUT, hold a variety of different views on the situation facing Israelis and Palestinians. I personally favour the position of organisations like the New Israel Fund and Yachad, the Pro Israel, Pro Peace organisation. – both of which, in my view, take a nuanced approach to the conflict, acknowledging its complexity.  It seems to me that there is an appropriate way of expressing those views and, often, it appears that the PSC regularly strays outside the realms of appropriate debate. Examples include the posting of racist cartoons by local branches, Holocaust denial by local branch chairs and a member of the Scottish PSC being found guilty of racially aggravated assault on a Jewish student who was displaying an Israeli flag.

In this context, and in the interests of inclusion and educated debate, surely it is not appropriate for the NUT to be openly supporting the PSC in its lobby of Parliament, without fully and publically recognising the complexity of the situation?

If you agree, I urge you to write to Secretary General Christine Blower and Equality Officer Samidha Garg to express your concerns. I will be writing to explain that as a Jewish member of the NUT, this sort of blanket support for one group only leaves me feeling disappointed and isolated from many members of my union. If you were a member of NUT but you left because of your feelings about NUT’s policies on the conflict it would be very helpful if you could say this too. If you are not a member of NUT but you want to make your concerns know, please also write. Every personal email you write will raise awareness to NUT of our concerns.

It would be really helpful if you could copy in the and send us copies of any replies you get.

For more information, please see this document Summary of PSC extremism November 2012 which lists some examples of PSC extremism over the last two years.

Many thanks,



Mrs Flora R H Richards

JTA Chair

Holocaust education CPD – for free

We have been asked to pass on details of this CPD for UK Teachers on Holocaust Education

We now have dates available for the spring term – see the list below.  Just a reminder that the CPD is over two non-consecutive days, and that it is free to those who attend – they receive all materials to use in their classrooms as well as being fed throughout the two days J.  Any teacher in a state secondary/middle  school in England is eligible to attend – we have a lot of RE teachers, and in some instances schools send more than one teacher.  (This is a really good way for schools to develop a whole school cross curricular approach to Holocaust education.)

To register teachers need to do so on our website:

Holocaust Education Development Programme – CPD Spring/ Summer Term 2011

Course Workshop dates of two-day programme
Cambridge Thurs 13th Jan Tues 1st Mar
Leicester Sun 16th Jan Fri 4th March
London Tues 1 Feb Wed 16th Mar
Stoke on Trent Wed 16th Feb Sun 10th April
Bodmin Fri 1st April Wed  18th May
Winchester Wed 27th April Thurs 9th June
London Thurs  5th May Sun 12th June
Carlisle Sun 15th May Sun 17th July
Darlington Thurs 14th April Thurs 16th June
Bristol Thurs 19th May Tues 28th June
Colchester Thurs 26th May Fri  8th July
Lincoln Sun 5th June Tues 12th July

Kay Andrews

Holocaust Education Development Programme

Institute of Education

University of London

T   0207 331 5133

M  0759 0440 687

Jewish Teachers’ Association at Limmud Conference

The bad news is that our Limmud publicity printing is stuck in the Christmas post.

The good news is that we’ve two sessions planned for Limmud Conference. Limmud is not only an amazing educational conference with something for everyone, it also tends to have lots of teachers attending.

We hope to meet lots of them at our sessions

Monday, 19:00 – 20:10
The Social Staffroom: Jewish Teachers (and Wannabe Teachers) Networking

Location: Rootes Bar

This will be the 4th annual Limmud teachers’ get together. This is the chance to meet, chat, network and share stories about how great the life of a teacher is, how we never take work home and how our pupils always do everything we tell them. We look forward to meeting old friends and new faces. Student teachers or those thinking about becoming teachers are also very welcome.

Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:10
I’m the Only Jew in the Staffroom

Location: Rootes Chancellors 1
Up and down the country, in every kind of school and educational setting, Jewish teachers are attempting to educate our nation’s young people. How does being a Jew affect your life as a teacher? What are the issues, benefits and responsibilities? Teachers and student teachers will be especially welcome as the presenters delve into the Limmud staffroom.