#TMCollaborate 14th July 2014 at Park High

It’s the summer, so it’s a good opportunity to take part in some free CPD and make plans for September- Debbie Ferrer tells us about an opportunity she is involved with in Harrow.

#TMCollaborate will take place on the 14th July at Park High School. This event offers an opportunity for those colleagues to present back on their collaborative projects presented earlier on in the year, and also will provide teachers and support staff with an opportunity pitch for specific subject/ pedagogical/ pastoral/ research collaborative projects for next academic year.

If you would like to be an audience member, present back on a project you’ve worked on this year, or would like to pitch and invite others to work with you in September, please add your name to the wiki page¬†or email me on dferrer@bentleywood.harrow.sch.uk and I can add you.

Thanks, Debbie

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