Tutoring: How many Jewish Teachers tutor?

I just came across a newly launched tutoring agency called J-Teach
What are other teachers experiences of tutoring? Do you tutor GCSE or ALevel students, 11+ or Common Entrance? Do you tutor students from the school where you teach, or friends of friends’ children? Please put your comments below, so we can start the discussion.

One thought on “Tutoring: How many Jewish Teachers tutor?

  1. Deborah

    I’ve tutored students aged 11-18, mostly GCSE and A level students, with some KS3 students as well. Most of my students have found me using tutoring websites, although some have found me by word of mouth.

    Tutoring is a good way to earn some extra cash, particularly if you are unemployed, working part time or doing day-to-day supply teaching. However it may be more difficult to find the time for tutoring if you are a full time teacher.

    I’ve found private tutoring to be very rewarding, both short term when helping a pupil to understand a difficult concept they previously struggled with, and long term when they achieve the grades they needed to go on to A levels or university.

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